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Books about Leica and the works of photographers who use the company's famous cameras have been published for more than seventy years. One of the earliest authors was Paul Wolff whose Experiences with the Leica was published in 1933 and influenced many small format photography enthusiasts. What I saw at the 1936 Olympic Games is another seminal work of a master who died in 1951.

The instructional books of Andreas Feininger (Double Truck Feininger, famous for his LIFE magazine work.) and Theo Kisselbach, were just two of the many authors of books and pamphlets on using Leica cameras produced and published in the 1930s. The work of the French Leica photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson has appeared in countless volumes, the best known of which is his own The Decisive Moment.

Today, the 35mm Leica MP rangefinder film camera is still manufactured in Germany. The marque has a world wide fan base of enthusiasts and collectors and one of the best known exponents of the brand is the photojournalist and author Jonathan Eastland. His Leica-M Compendium - Handbook of the Leica-M system was published in 1995 and he has since written and published five other titles on the Leica rangefinder and reflex cameras.

The Leica M6TTL Handbook, the Leica M7 Handbook and Leica MP-MP - Questions and Answers are Jonathan Eastland's most recent works on the subject. The author is an acknowledged expert on the subject and a regular contributor on all aspects of photography to the world's oldest photo-journal, The British Journal of Photography.